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PPUH "Z-TECH" dr inż. Zbigniew Jura

Our Firm has existed from 1994 year and deal with to investigations with production of specialist measuring apparatus in range of crystallization and materials science. We work out in range of simulation the computer software also computer, steering as well as scientific investigations.


We designe the modern solutions of analog-digital converters with computer systems both to uses in laboratory and industrial.

We design modern, fully automatic dilatometer to the measurement of thermal expansibility of materials permitting on programming the speed warming and cooling in very wide range of value.


We worked out the row of programmes to executing of measurements for help of our measuring apparatus. We work out to opinion of quality of alloys the programmes in the co-operation from Cathedral of Founding of Silesian Engineering college in Gliwicach as well as the Institute Material engineering and Technician Dustless Engineering college Łódzkiej.

We worked out fully author's system to computer simulation of processes of exchange warmth as well as coagulation and crystallization of metals.

We execute in range specialist computer software the simulation of technological processes of, steering, scientific investigations, inżnierskich as well as systems of storing with use of the bar the code codes.

We execute in range as well as simulations computer evaluations and technology casting metallurgies.

Heat transfer simulation

We execute in range as well as simulations computer evaluations and technology casting metallurgies.

We project and execute specialist electronic devices as well as the arrangements of steering the industrial automatyki. We execute also atypical relating measuring apparatus orders.

Industry automation
Underwater metal detector

We designed and produce the under-water detectors of metal, acting in skrajnie difficult conditions, in water on depth 50m and in close temperature 0°C

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